Tuesday, May 14, 2013


In less than half a century, Mary Cummins, aka Mary Katherine Cummins Cobb, aka Mary Cobb Cummins, aka Mary R Cummins, aka Maria Rivera, has managed to involve herself in more lawsuits than most people could possibly fathom. We've found records of 30 from only a few courthouses, and suspect there could be upwards of a hundred from across the US.

Mary Cummins also admitted on video to being involved in almost 25 lawsuits in her court ordered deposition. But hey, after suing people and being sued even a mere 20 times, who bothers to count?

Below is glimpse of the lawsuits we've uncovered to date. We are sharing these because we want the world to know exactly who Mary Cummins is. As you can see below, Mary Cummins has allegedly victimized countless people for almost two decades. The more people who know about her, the better off everyone will be.

All of the records in this list were obtained from courthouses. If the lawsuit, case summary or similar legal document was available to download, we obtained and linked to the actual document. 

  1. 01/25/1984:  CUMMINS MARY R  -  Civil
  2. 05/07/1984:  CUMMINS MARY R  -  Civil
  3. 05/14/1986:  CUMMINS MARY  - Carolyn Barling v Mary Cummins et al -  Civil
  4. 11/14/1986:  CUMMINS MARY RIVERA - Civil
  5. 04/30/1987:  CUMMINS MARY - Marie Cobb v Mary Cummins - Civil  (General Jurisdiction
  6. 10/30/1987:  CUMMINS MARY C  -  Civil
  7. 06/07/1988:  COBB MARY CUMMINS  -  Mary Cummins v Edward Katz  - Civil (we suspect Mary  Cummins dated Mr. Katz and then sued him)
  8. 08/02/1989: CUMMINS MARY  -  Civil
  9. 11/28/1990: CUMMINS MARY R.  -  U.D.- RESIDENTIAL
  10. 10/23/1991 CUMMINS MARY R.   -  Civil
  11. 12/18/1991: CUMMINS MARY  - Mary Cummins v Catholic Church, Bishop, Daughters of America, Juliette Cummins - CONTESTED WILL (yes, you read it right, Mary Cummins filed a lawsuit to prevent the Catholic Church from receiving money willed to them by her own grandmother.)
  12.  05/18/1993: MARY CUMMINS-COBB  -  Mary Cummins v Prudential Realty - Small Claims
  13.  11/22/1993: CUMMINS MARY  -  OTHER PI/D/W TORT
  14.  07/20/1995: MARY K CUMMINS-COBB   - Juliette Marie Cummins v Mary Cummins - Imposing Constructive Trust (i.e. Mary Cummins was accused by her own sister of defrauding her grandmother.)
  15. 07/23/1997: CUMMINS MARY K. -  Mary Cummins v Thunder Roadhouse Classic Moto  - Small Claims
  16. 08/03/1999: CUMMINS MARY K.  - Mary Cummins v Pina Colapinto - Small Claims
  17.  06/30/2000: CUMMINS MARY -  Small Claims
  18.  04/23/2001:  CUMMINS MARY  - Frederick Ritterreiser v Mary Cummins - Civil Action
  19. 09/04/2001: CUMMINS MARY K.  - Civil Harassment (Unlimited)
  20. 10/09/2001: CUMMINS MARY  -  Jason Simas v Mary Cummins - Trespass; Conversion; Nuisance; Slander of Title; Assault; Defamation; False Imprisonment; Invasion of Right of Privacy; Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; Negligencet Infliction of Emotional Distress; Negligence; Declaratory Relief (no comment necessary!)
  21. 03/12/2002: CUMMINS MARY K.  -  Civil Harassment (Unlimited)
  22. 07/07/2003: MARY CUMMINS  - Kathy Knight-McConnell v Mary Cummins Conspiracy; Copyright Infringement; Defamation; Securities Law; Tortious Interference; ...
  23. 03/07/2005: MARY CUMMINS  -  Beverly Hills BMW v Mary Cummins - Intellectual Property
  24. 02/03/2006: CUMMINS MARY  - Product Liablty
  25. 07/20/2007: CUMMINS-COBB MARY K.  -  Mary Cummins V City of LA  - Wrongful Termination
  26. 02/21/2008: CUMMINS-COBB MARY   -  American Express v Mary Cummins - COLLECTIONS CASE
  27. 09/13/2010: Mary Cummins  -  Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary v Mary Cummins  - Defamation and Breach of Contract (Mary Cummins finally met her match here, she was ordered to pay 6.1 Million in Damages)
  28. 12/30/2010: COBB MARY CUMMINS - Mary Cummins v Eric Schmidt of GOOGLE - Civil Harassment (Yes, this is the CEO of Google that Mary Cummins tried to involve. The case was dismissed)
  29. 01/03/2011: CUMMINS-COBB MARY -  Mary Cummins v Laurel Anderson - Small Claims
  30. 09/29/2011: MARY CUMMINS  - Mary Cummins v Amanda Lollar, et at. Defamation, Interference with Business Relations; Infliction of Emotional Distress  (Mary Cummins also LOST this case)
  31. 07/09/2012: MARY CUMMINS - Mary Cummins v Amanda Lollar, et al (another retaliatory lawsuit that Mary Cummins will also lose)
  32. Unfortunately, with a mental state like this and the leniency of today's court system, there can only be more to come...

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  1. This is a great documentary record of frivolous lawsuits, harassment, and stalking; so much so that I am referring a friend who is subject to the same to this site so he can fight back in the same way. Thank you.

    1. You are very welcome! I hope it is helpful to your friend.

  2. We to have been targeted by her. Know any Attorneys in California ?