Saturday, May 18, 2013


Mary Cummins, Mary Cummins Animal Advocates, Mary K Cummins, Mary Cummins Cobb
Mary Cummins filed two separate damage lawsuits against Amanda Lollar seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars. One suit is for a bump on the head she claimed she received while trying to climb through a window at Bat World and the other is for “defamation.” She started filing her lawsuits in September 2011, yet she has never had a lawyer representing her in either case. Instead, she is trying to represent herself (and, of course, getting repeatedly clobbered in court hearings—most recently when the judge threw out her defamation lawsuit).

We know that she desperately wants a lawyer to represent her because over a year after she started suing Amanda she filed a document in court begging the judge to give her more time to hire a lawyer. The fact that she is still not represented by counsel in her lawsuits can’t be because she cannot afford to pay a lawyer. Lawyers take injury claims on a contingent fee basis. The client doesn’t have to pay the lawyer anything unless there is a recovery, in which case the lawyer gets a percentage. Lawyers compete fiercely to get these cases. (Think of all the lawyer t.v. commercials.)

The problem Mary has is that, because they don’t get paid unless they win, injury lawyers don’t take frivolous lawsuits that they know they will lose. No lawyer wants to spend huge amounts of time and money pursuing a frivolous lawsuit that he or she can’t win and won’t make any money on. You know you’re a total loser when even the t.v. lawyers won’t take your case.

So, Mary, why no lawyer? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that your lawyer in another lawsuit fired you last year because you made “bizarre accusations” about him. You probably should keep quiet about that when you are trying to talk lawyers into taking your cases.


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